Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Davidsbeenhere.com Travel Toiletry Bag – Product Review

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Over the last week or so, I have been reviewing various travel-related products from a company called Davidsbeenhere, a company founded by a young gentleman named David Hoffmann. You can read my blog post about his company here.

The latest on the review list is the Travel Toiletry Bag. Here is the description of the product from the company’s website:

Are you going on a trip and looking for a Toiletry Bag that is large enough to store everything you need, while staying organized and not bulky? Look no further then Davidbeenhere's Travel Toiletry Bag. Other toiletry bags typically have one main compartment where all your items can get mixed up and become a pain to search through and find what you are looking for. This toiletry bag comes with four separate compartments so you can travel organized and know exactly where everything can be found. Another great feature is the middle compartment unzips to reveal a Hanging Hook which is perfect for most hotels which have very little bathroom counter space. The middle compartment also has a mesh liner to keep your items from falling out while hanged, and another mesh pouch that can be sealed with a zipper. If you are looking for a toiletry bag that can fit everything you need to bring on your trip, has plenty of pockets to keep you organized, and a hook hanger to save counter space, buy the Davidsbeenhere Travel Toiletry Bag today!

Here is David showing the many features of this cool bag:

I found the design of the bag to be very innovative. As can be seen in David’s video, it lies flat in a suitcase. I find that to be a handy feature, in comparison to some of the ‘shoe box’ shaped bags. I will be passing this handy bag along to my husband, Fred, who currently uses a boxy bag. David’s toiletry bag seems to be more conducive for use by men, being that it is gray in color. I do recommend it to anyone who wants a versatile and durable travel toiletry bag. Its many compartments makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for, as opposed to having everyone jumbled up in the boxy bags. Another useful and innovative travel product from Mr. Hoffmann; kudos on a job well done!

You can place your order for this great travel bag here.

This product was generously provided by David Hoffmann for product review purposes.

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