Monday, October 26, 2009

Heather Zempel's Awesome!

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Fred & I participated in the Willow Creek Association Small Group Conference, 'This Changes Everything," as simulcasted at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Plymouth, with the Oak Pointe Church group. One of the speakers at that event is Heather Zempel, the Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church in Washington D.C. She has a small group curriculum called "Sacred Roads" that she is giving away. Details are here:

She is awesome! Her IQ must be in the stratosphere - and she loves Jesus with all her heart!

Friday, October 23, 2009

On The Bandwagon!

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The time has come! I finally started a blog; I want to join the millions of others worldwide who have done the same thing! I have a knack for writing - have always enjoyed it - and have been told I do it well. Subjects of passion include Christ, my husband Fred, marathons (which Fred & I usually do together), books, technology, cocker spaniels (we have two - Toby, born 07/05/95, & Shelby, born 06/10/04 - one year to the day before our wedding day!) & much more! I am currently employed full-time, & am attending Michigan Theological Seminary, am a small group leader of a Women's Ministry class called Gracestoration at Oak Pointe Church in Novi MI, and am a video director one weekend per month for the three services at Oak Pointe - lots on my plate! I look forward to sharing my heart and passions as often as possible!
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