Friday, October 23, 2009

On The Bandwagon!

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The time has come! I finally started a blog; I want to join the millions of others worldwide who have done the same thing! I have a knack for writing - have always enjoyed it - and have been told I do it well. Subjects of passion include Christ, my husband Fred, marathons (which Fred & I usually do together), books, technology, cocker spaniels (we have two - Toby, born 07/05/95, & Shelby, born 06/10/04 - one year to the day before our wedding day!) & much more! I am currently employed full-time, & am attending Michigan Theological Seminary, am a small group leader of a Women's Ministry class called Gracestoration at Oak Pointe Church in Novi MI, and am a video director one weekend per month for the three services at Oak Pointe - lots on my plate! I look forward to sharing my heart and passions as often as possible!

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