Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Davidsbeenhere.com Sleep Eye Mask with Ear Plugs – Product Review

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An awesome young man named David Hoffmann contacted me recently to let me know about his company named Davidsbeenhere.com. In addition to providing valuable information on traveling, his company manufactures and sells several travel-related products. He asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing his products. I told him I’d be delighted!

I posted some information on the company; you can read that post here.

The first product under review is the sleep eye mask with ear plugs. Here is the description:

Are you looking for a comfortable eye mask that can block out all light, 
allowing you to catch some shut eye on your next flight? Designed by trusted travel expert, David Hoffman of Davidsbeenhere, this eye mask is made with a soft cushioned polyester body that will feel great on your eyes, and an elastic headband to keep it in place as you sleep. Unlike cheaper eye masks, this Davidsbeenhere mask has an added nose ridge which prevents any openings from letting in light that can keep you from sleep. Also included are noise canceling ear plugs that will help block out those loud jet engines and crying babies in the rows behind you.

Here is David's video showing the features of the eye mask (ouch!):


My husband, Fred, is the person in our household who is a sleep eye mask wearer. So I asked him to ‘test drive’ this mask – while he was asleep!! He had a glowing review this morning! He loved the comfortability of the fabric and the elastic band. He also liked the added feature of the nose ridge; it did its job in keeping that sneaky light out! The only ‘constructive criticism’ he had was that he thinks the eye mask should have a fabric strap with a Velcro closure, as elastic has a tendency to stretch. Overall, he thought it was the most comfortable and effective sleep eye mask that he has ever used! I trust it will allow him to have many hours of deep sleep! 

You can place your order by clicking here.

This product was generously provided by David Hoffmann for product review purposes.

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