Thursday, March 7, 2013 Travel Passport Wallet – Product Review

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This week and next, I am reviewing products from a company by the name of The founder and CEO, David Hoffmann, shares on his website his experiences traveling the globe. He also has produced and manufactured several travel-related products. The latest one under my review magnifying glass is the Travel Passport Wallet.

Here is the description of the product from the company’s website

Are you going on a trip and looking for something that can hold all of your valuables and documents safely in one place? This Passport Wallet, made by Travel Expert David Hoffman, of Davidsbeenhere has enough pockets and sleeves to hold everything you need and keep you stress free knowing where all your documents can be found. On the outside you can store your boarding pass in a conveniently accessible sleeve, while on the inside there are 8 card holders, a zip pouch perfect for coins and other small loose items, one see-through holder, four large sleeves, and a pen holder. There is plenty of space for anything including passports, credit cards, paper currency, coins, IDs, room keys, boarding passes, metro cards, car rental papers, and pretty much anything else you would need to have on you as you travel. The Passport Wallet can hold all your important documents, cards, and IDs, in one safe, convenient spot!

Here is video from David sharing the features of this product: 

We live right next to Canada, where we need to carry our passport. That will be the next foreign country I visit where I will have a need for my passport. I definitely plan on carrying my new Passport Wallet with me. A USA passport is one of the most valuable documents that one can own. It is important to have a secure place to carry that precious item. I think I will make plans to head over to Windsor, our neighbor – or beyond – just so I can use my new wallet! I love its security and many, many pockets for all of my cards! It is very well constructed and designed, and well worth the investment for anyone heading out on a jet plane for an adventure to be remembered!

You can orders yours by clicking here.

This product was generously provided by David Hoffmann for product review purposes.

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