Friday, March 15, 2013 Electronic Luggage Scale – Product Review

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One of the best parts of having a blog is being able to share exciting products! David Hoffmann, the founder of the travel company, Davidsbeenhere, came up with some really cool products that are very useful and practical to travelers. You can read more about his company here.

Today, I will be reviewing the DBH Electronic Luggage Scale.

Here is David demonstrating this cool product:

Here’s a description of this helpful product from the company’s website:

Have you ever spent hours squeezing everything into your luggage the night before your big trip, only to get nailed with a ridiculous Overweight Luggage Fee when you check-in? On American Airlines, going over the 50 pound limit can end up costing you $100! Thanks to the Davidsbeenhere Travel Luggage Scale, you can leave your house with peace of mind, knowing your luggage isn't going to be eating into your travel budget. Best of all, it’s small and compact enough to bring along to make sure you are still under the limit when you return with all your souvenirs. The Davidsbeenhere Travel Luggage Scale weighs up to 110lbs/50kg, and has an easy to read LCD Screen. Buy the Davidsbeenhere Travel Luggage Scale today and never worry about excessive baggage fees ever again. Powered by 2032 Lithium Battery (Not Included)

I really love this idea! As anyone who has been on a flight lately is aware, there are weight limits on checked-in baggage. I hear some airlines are even extending limits to carry-on baggage. When you check in a bag, there are hefty fines when you exceed the 50 pound limit. Without this product, you’d have to guess at the weight of the suitcase. Now, with this extremely practical item, you can weigh your luggage before you arrive at the airport, and can adjust accordingly. I am notorious for over packing, so I know already that this cool product will be very useful to me, and will save me money over time. It will be coming with me on our two planned trips this year! I thank David for coming up with this very slick (both in looks and features) product!

You can place your order by clicking here.

This product was generously provided by David Hoffmann for product review purposes.

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