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The Mysterious Ways of Book Writing – Guest Post by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones + Book Giveaway Details!

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I featured a guest post from Kathryn Elizabeth Jones on Monday, then shared further information plus her biography on Tuesday. Today, please enjoy this second guest post from Mrs. Jones telling us about the inspiration for her latest book

The Mysterious Ways of Book Writing - by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

I usually come up with my own book ideas—kind of like a spark of light hits me and I’m off and running. But for my second published book, “Conquering your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones,” the story that I was supposed to write came to me in a different way.

Who would have thought it could all begin with an email, an email from my nephew that said, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book out there that spoke about the five stones that David carried?”

My husband told me about the email and I was intrigued. A book about the five stones! What an interesting concept, what an enlightening way to tell a story.

And so, Ms. Virginia Bean was born. The funny thing about Virginia is that I chose her name without looking up the meaning of it until I had her moving full force into the first scene. The even stranger thing is that the meaning of her name fit right in with the story of David and Goliath without me having to find another “fitting” name.

There are many other elements within the story that came to me that way, including the sunflowers. Yes, there is a reason why sunflowers are on the cover of the book.

The names of the stones aren’t random names either, but lead an individual to their personal Goliaths. One must start out with LISTENING to God and TRUSTING in him before true OPTIMISM can be achieved. And this optimism must be persevered with TENACITY and CONSTANCY throughout a person’s life if they hope to overcome the challenges that will come—because they always do.

I think it’s interesting that God can speak to us when we least expect it. I was sitting at my computer working when I heard the news, and my husband was sitting at his desk when he read the email. I should be surprised that God could speak to me through my nephew and through my husband, but I shouldn’t be.

God does work in mysterious ways.

Thanks, Kathryn, for telling us a little more about the inspiration behind your book! You can win a personally autographed copy by leaving a comment at this post.

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