Thursday, March 25, 2010

‘Scattered Petals: A Novel’ by Amanda Cabot – Book Review

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Okay – I am back to saying ‘this is the first book I have read by this author’!  The latest book on my read list is ‘Scattered Petals: A Novel,’ Book Two in the ‘Texas Dreams’ series by acclaimed author Amanda Cabot.

The main character in this book, set in 1856 (five years before the U.S. Civil War), is Priscilla Morton.  Born in Boston, she and her parents are headed out to Texas to attend the wedding of her brother-in-law, Clay Canfield, who had been married to her sister Patience, who’d died the year before.  On the way there, their stagecoach was robbed by three brothers, and her parents were tragically murdered.  Priscilla was brutalized by one of the men; handsome Texas Ranger Lawrence Wood came upon the scene, rescued her, and took her to Clay’s ranch on his hardy steed. 

Priscilla immediately takes to Clay’s fiancée, Sarah, and her little sister Thea.  It was quite a comfort to her after her unfortunate loss. 

Lack of forgiveness for self is a prominent theme in this book.  Priscilla is angry at herself for strongly encouraging her parents to take on the adventure of venturing out to Texas for Clay’s wedding; what an unexpected outcome.  Another character in the book who struggles with this same thing is Zach Webster, who works with Clay on the ranch.  Zach has learned how to forgive others; it takes him a long time to forgive himself.

Ultimately, there is a lot of healing and love that takes place in this book.  All of the characters accepted the forgiveness that comes from God.

'Scattered Petals' is the second in the ‘Texas Dreams’ series; ‘Paper Roses’ is the first book.  This book stands on its own; it is not necessary to read ‘Paper Roses’ first.  In fact, Amanda states on her website: “My pet peeves include books where I feel like an outsider because I haven’t read them in the order they were written, so I’ve made sure you’ll enjoy the second and third stories even if you haven’t read Paper Roses.”  I do agree and appreciate that sentiment!

Amanda lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her husband.

You can order this book here.

This book was provided to me by Revell for review purposes.


Judylynn said...

I read this book and really enjoyed it. The plot was fairly unique even though it was another "prairie novel". Here is my review:

Good book!

Andrea Schultz said...

HI Judy -

Glad you enjoyed it as well!
Thanks for sharing your review link.
Blessings -


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