Wednesday, March 24, 2010

‘The Lightkeeper’s Daughter: A Mercy Falls Novel’ by Colleen Coble – Book Review

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Recently, I have opened several book reviews with this disclaimer: “This is the first book I have read by this author” - or words to that effect.  The same cannot be said for today’s book by author, Colleen Coble.  I have read several books from her pen/computer: ‘Abomination,’ ‘Anathema,’ ‘Without A Trace (Rock Harbor Series # 1),' ‘Beyond A Doubt (Rock Harbor Series #2)’ and ‘Into the Deep (Rock Harbor Series #3).’  I was entertained by all of them, and had high expectation for the latest by this prolific and talented writer.

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter: A Mercy Falls Novel’ did not disappoint!  The main character is Addie Sullivan, bright and beautiful.  As the title indicates, she lives in a lighthouse in northern California.  At the beginning of the book, a gentleman, Walter Driscoll, comes to the lighthouse to tell her she is not who she thinks she is.  She was involved in a shipwreck when she was two years old; her parents are not her own, but they recovered her after the shipwreck.  Her real father is actually a very rich business owner.  The gentleman (her uncle) decides to bring her back to the family, originally as the governess to her real-life nephew, Edward.  The idea is to investigate to find more evidence of her identity before presenting her as the daughter of Henry Eaton.

Another major character is Lieutenant John North, the dashing son-in-law of Henry and the father of Edward.  His wife – Addie’s half-sister – had been killed three years before – and sparks fly between her and John!

As usual, Colleen brings a faith-based character into the story; Addie is that character in this book.  She speaks of God, prays, etc… - actions that are downplayed by Henry.  Nonetheless, Addie is a very strong and courageous young woman, who is not swayed to the left or to the right by those around her – not even a wealthy and powerful man such as the man who may be her father!

The story is well-paced and suspenseful; Colleen does it again!  There are numerous twists and turns in this story; there is never a dull moment!  There were plots turns that I did not see coming.  Ultimately, the ending was happy! 

'The Lightkeeper's Daughter,' set in 1907, is a departure for Colleen; she usually writes modern suspense novels.  She did a wonderful job capturing life at the turn of the last century in a well-to-do household.  She can seemingly do no wrong; I have always thoroughly enjoyed every book I have read by her.  As always, I look forward to the next book by the talented Mrs. Coble!

You can order the book here.

This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for review purposes.


Colleen Coble said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Andrea! It's always scary to try something just a little different.

Andrea Schultz said...

Hi Colleen -

Thanks for stopping by! You did such a great job with this first historical novel that nobody would guess it was your first. You have quite a gift; thanks for using it for His glory!

Blessings -


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