Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guest Blog Post – ‘A Reading Tale’ by Kathy Carlton Willis

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April is Library Snapshot Month. Please enjoy this guest post from Kathy Carlton Willis.

I've always been a lover of books—the opportunity to visit a new world, a new time, a new way of life. What’s your rite-of-passage reading story? I’ll start with mine.

As soon as I started school, Mother encouraged me to learn to read. She was a voracious reader, eager for me to develop the same love of books. This Chatty Kathy enjoyed every form of communications since my first spoken word. The written word was no different—I took to it like gravy goes with biscuits. Remember those Weekly Reader magazines (oh, the delicious smell of the ink and paper!)? The SRA Reading Lab inspired me to read not just for speed, but for retention.

When I received my first public library card around age 6, Mom walked us to the library several times a month. Yes, it seemed like it was two miles uphill
both ways, but it was worth it! Our little town of four thousand was blessed with a Carnegie library (built in 1905) full of well-loved books. Mom taught me how to follow my favorite authors—I read all their titles. I knew how to thumb through a card catalog and recite the Dewey decimal system. By the time I outgrew the children’s section, I had read every book and graduated to the “grown-up” shelves.

Most avid readers say their idea of a time-out from stress and life involves curling up with a good book—claw-foot tub or blazing fireplace optional.

My favorite reading tip is this: Don’t waste time on a mediocre book. When reading for recreation, remember that you aren’t in school anymore. You aren’t being graded for reading every word. So if a book doesn’t appeal to you, put it down! Grab a different one. We have only so much time in life—definitely not enough time to get bogged down with a boring book or confusing storyline.

Just because a book earned rave reviews doesn’t mean it’s the right book for you, any more than gorgeous size 7 shoes will fit size 10 feet!

Think about your own reading tale. What was it like when you learned to read? When did you discover your local library? Do you recall the favorite authors of your early years? Who inspired you to read more? What challenges you today in your reading? We all have a story—even a reading story!

Kathy Carlton Willis Bio:

Kathy Carlton Willis gets jazzed speaking for women’s events and writers
conferences across the country. She’s known for her practical and often humorous messages. Kathy enjoys fiddling with words as a writer and also coaches others. When not reading or writing books, she serves as a happy pastor’s wife. You can visit her at her website: http://www.kathycarltonwillis.com.


Kathy Carlton Willis Communications said...

Andrea, thanks for posting my article! I'd love to hear from your readers via the comments on some of their own reading tales. Do you have a love for reading? Who helped develop that in your life? Do you remember our first library card?

Keep shining, Andrea. It becomes you!

Andrea Schultz said...

Thanks, Kathy!

Deb Haggerty said...

I started reading at an early age and loved our small town Carnegie Library. My biggest thrill was when I graduated from "kid" books to more "mature" ones. The limit on books checked out at one time was six and I took the full limit each time I went. My dad said I couldn't possibly remember what I'd read reading them that fast, so he quizzed me. He was astonished when I could tell him what had happened and what was going to happen just by reading me a sentence somewhere in the book. On a reading test, I clocked somewhere around 1200 wpm reading for pleasure and 750 wpm reading for retention. I would rather read than go out and play - I'm still that way! My dad finally figured it was all worth it when I became a National Merit Scholar - largely because of the reading speed and retention ability. Books are great friends - both to entertain and to educate!

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