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‘Love Amid the Ashes’ by Mesu Andrews – Book Review

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I have always been fascinated with the story of Job in the Bible. When I learned that a new novel ‘Love Amid the Ashes’ looked at his story, I knew I wanted to add that one to my reading list!

Here is the synopsis of this wonderful debut novel:

An Epic Story of Love and Forgiveness, Suffering and Restoration. When her beloved grandfather Isaac dies, Dinah must follow his final command: travel to Job’s household to marry his son. After Job’s world comes crashing down, Dinah finds herself drawn to this great man brought low. What will she risk to fight for his survival?
Mesu Andrews weaves an emotional and stirring account of Job and Dinah. Love Amid the Ashes breathes life, romance, and passion into the classic biblical story of suffering and steadfast faith.

Here is the biography of this author:

Mesu Andrews is a speaker who has devoted herself to passionate and intense study of Scripture. Harnessing her deep understanding and love for God’s Word, Andrews brings the biblical world alive for her readers in this debut novel. She lives in Washington.

Here is the compelling book trailer for this equally compelling novel:

And here is Mrs. Andrews sharing what she would speak about at your church or event; I think it gives a wonderful glimpse into her heart for the Lord:

I found this to be an interesting perspective on the Book of Job. Job, as he comes across in the Bible, proves to be a man who loves God and does not blame God for his trials. He continues to love and serve Him.

It was also interesting to get a more fleshed-out view of Job’s wife, named Sitis here. Mrs. Andrews gave us an explanation of why she cursed God as she did (you will have to read the book to learn what that theory is).

Mrs. Andrews is a good writer. Here is a sample, which shows her readers how Job is held by at least one person as a great role model:

Her gaze was once again drawn to Job, who just a few nights ago had taught her the love and forgiveness of El Shaddai. Tonight he showed her the sovereignty of Yahweh and that a person’s response must always be trust and praise. She wasn’t sure that she could accept God’s will without question, but she would try to follow Job’s example. (p. 108)

Mrs. Andrews writes with a descriptive and creative writing style.  Here is her description of Job’s fleshly afflictions:

The torturous searing of his flesh was relentless, surreal. Caught in the hellish divide between consciousness and sweet oblivion, Job prayed for death. He was thrust in and out of miserable awareness like a dirty garment plunged into the river and scrubbed against a rock. First came Sitis’s scream, and then he was alone. His next recollections were tinged with the distorted perceptions of darkness, agony, and terror. (p. 180)

Obviously, Job’s story is familiar to most people. Despite that, Mrs. Andrews shares with her readers a story that brings her imagination and creativity to the fore. I wish her the best in her future novels – which will no doubt come!  

You can order this book here.

Available March 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. This book was provided by Revell for review purposes.


Danmark said...

"Love Amid the Ashes" will seize your interest right from the beginning. God's people come alive in this creative contextual flow of Job's life story. This novel is a must for your spring and summer reading list. I appreciate the historical flow chart and the reference to scriptures. Mesu Andrews stirring writing will have you looking at the book of Job in a very unique way!

Emily said...

Hi there! If you liked Mesu Andrews' "Love's Sacred Song" or "Love Amid the Ashes" you'll love her new book "Love in a Broken Vessel." Check out her book trailer and promotional giveaway celebrating the book's upcoming release!

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