Monday, January 18, 2010

Live L.O.W.D. - Hope This Movement Goes Viral!

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The church I attend, Oak Pointe Church in Novi MI, has rolled out a campaign called Living L.O.W.D.  The L.O.W.D. acronym stands for 'Loving Others Without Discretion.'  The concept is credited to one of the members of our congregation, Mike Fezzey, who is the president and general manager of WJR-AM, a news/talk radio station here in Detroit.  You can see the dialogue between Mr. Fezzey and our senior pastor, Bob Shirock, discussing the concept here.  

According to the Live L.O.W.D. website, in 2003, after fundraising for a relief effort after a devastating tsunami in Indonesia, Mr. Fezzey was struck with the concept of L.O.W.D. and had a vision to start a movement "in which people of faith encourage other people to demonstrate acts of kindness and compassion in their local communities and beyond."      

Continuing from the Live L.O.W.D. website, "the L.O.W.D. movement is a grassroots effort to recognize individuals like you who are 'caught' doing a random act of kindness for someone, demonstrating compassion to those suffering or giving of themselves in some way for another person - all without discretion or judgment to whomever they're serving."

Imagine how much better the world would be if people were recognized for 'loving others with discretion' and encouraged to behave in that way!   

The way to recognize these individuals is to give them an orange bracelet (picture above).  The bracelets were for sale at the services this past weekend, and I have already given out two.  Not only will this campaign help the participants be more aware of these 'random acts of kindness' (by consciously looking for kind deeds), but I think that it will cause us to want to earn one - and therefore to perform good deeds!  And once we earn one, wearing the L.O.W.D. bracelet will be a regular reminder every time we see it to continue to be kind and compassionate to one another.

You can access the Living L.O.W.D. weekend series here.

I encourage all of you to pass along this blog post.  We want to spread the word to remember to demonstrate the love of God in our words and our deeds!

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