Saturday, November 28, 2009

'The Blind Side'

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Fred & I went to see 'The Blind Side,' the new movie starring Sandra Bullock which is the true life story of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher. It was a wonderfully uplifting story about how the kindness of strangers can change lives! There were a lot of Christian themes throughout, which is always nice to see in a Hollywood feature. We always make a point to see movies that are Christian-based and Christian-friendly!

We highly and enthusiastically give it four thumbs up! 

Here is a link to the trailer - enjoy:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

'Julie and Julia'

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Fred & I went to see 'Julie and Julia' at the Farmington Civic Theatre last night. he Farmington Civic is a quaint old fashioned theatre - nothing like the multiplexes that are prevalent these days.

We thought the movie was very well done. Both of the female protagonists in the film are in a similar place in life as I am - trying to figure out where our place is in this world. I was very touched by the concept. Plus Julie Powell is a blogger - and I am just venturing out into that territory.

And Meryl Streep remains one of the most awesome actors on the planet - ever!

I know the movie is almost ready to come out on DVD (that's the point when the Civic gets the prints). I recommend it heartily!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was Monumental!

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Fred & I completed another marathon yesterday - the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis. Our first marathon was in May 2008 - the Cleveland Rock n Roll Marathon. We have completed 5 more since then, and several half marathons since then. We primarily walk, but incorporate some running in. They are so much fun! We caught the bug when we saw the medals of our friend Nancy, who is an elite runner. We are all in the same small group at church. We went to her home for a meeting, saw all of her medals, and were intrigued! It was then that we found out you could walk them (most have time limits that can accommodate walkers). We enjoy them for so many reasons - the health aspect, the opportunity to see lots of different cities, the camaraderie, and the overall atmosphere!

We don't have any more marathons on the calendar yet, but we'll be adding one (or more!) soon! We definitely want to do the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 2, 2010. But we hope to do several more before then! Another possibility is the Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon in the Metro Phoenix area in January. There is an appeal to an Arizona marathon in January to a Michigander! I'll keep you posted on our progress!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Michigan Theological Seminary Gala Dinner

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My husband Fred & I enjoyed the Gala Dinner for Michigan Theological Seminary at the Inn of St. John's in Plymouth MI on November 3. It was a lovely time. The keynote speaker was Jerry B. Jenkins, co-author of the 'Left Behind' series. He was extremely funny - was not expecting that!

Being that I am posting this about a month after the dinner (somehow or other, this post made in into the 'Draft' folder prior to its completion; that's a newbie blogger for you!), it is no longer a secret. That night, the announcement was made that the merger between Michigan Theological Seminary and Moody Bible Institute had been approved! Beginning in January 2010, the seminary would still be known as MTS - but the initials will stand for Moody Theological Seminary! An exciting development!

I have been attending MTS since January 2009. It was always a dream of mine to attend seminary, but the door did not open until then! A generous donor offered a scholarship paying for the first class of every new student. That was the push/kick I needed to get me through the door! It has been a joy from Day One! I am not sure how God will use this education, but I look forward to it! It is a privilege and an honor to be a seminarian!
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