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‘More Beauty Less Beast: Transforming Your Inner Ogre’ by Debora M. Coty – Book Review

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One of the most intriguing book titles that I have run into of late is the latest book on my review list, ‘More Beauty Less Beast: Transforming Your Inner Ogre’ by Debora M. Coty. Being that I, like the rest of the human race, allow my beast to emerge more often than I’d like, I knew I wanted to take a gander at this one!

Here is the synopsis of this book:

Is your self-esteem “souled”-ed out? Are you tempted by the Dark Side? (Talkin’ chocolate here, girlfriend!) Maybe it’s time for a healthy dose of truth gift-wrapped in humor.
With her own brand of off-beat with and near-wisdom, inspirational humorist Debora M. Coty addresses heart needs of women struggling to tame that out-of-control inner ogre that threatens to destroy the beautiful princess hidden within. Whether jaded by emotional wounds, unrealistic standards, or lack of confidence, these laugh-out-loud, girlfriend-to-girlfriend tips will help women transform their destructive inner beast into the exquisite beauty they were always meant to be.

Here is the biography of the author:

Debora M. Coty is a popular speaker, columnist, internationally published writer, and award-winning author or coauthor of dozens of books. Mother of two grown children, Debora wrestles her inner ogre in central Florida with her husband, Chuck, and desperately wicked pooch, Fenway.

This video shows Debora sharing her thoughts on ‘Calendar Constipation’! Although this video was produced for her previous book, ‘Too Blessed to be Stressed’ (another Barbour title), I think it shows you a couple things about Debora: 1) her sense of humor and 2) her love of hats (which she mentions in ‘More Beauty Less Beast.’ Please enjoy these funny words of wisdom!:

Mrs. Coty shares Godly wisdom on many topics of interest (usually to women in particular). The first two sections cover Outer Beauty and Inner Beauty, including Keeping Fit, Image, Discernment, Conquering Guilt, and Overcoming Adversity. She also devotes a chapter to each of the Fruits of the Spirit (not the Loom!) – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. The final section focuses on ‘Beautifying My World’ – through topics such as Friendship, Forgiveness, Marriage, Encouraging Others, Preparing for Heaven and Living Beautifully.

I was enchanted with this book by the first chapter, entitled ‘Beauty Can Be Such a Crock (Judging by Appearance).’ Here’s a great paragraph:

Yes, when we’re preoccupied with ourselves, we’re distracted from our one true focus: our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the people He has into our lives to be our special ministry. Our passion is directed inward rather than outward. Our bodies become like a god to us. But our Creator had something very important to say about that: “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3 NKJV), the very first of the Ten Commandments. (p. 14)

Although that paragraph is not one of the laugh-out-loud funny ones, there are plenty of those. Here’s one, where she describes her body at her weight loss:

My weight loss occurred during the winter while I was swathed in sweaters. So when spring sprang, I didn’t recognize the pruney alien appendages extending from my armpits. Without sufficient meat to fill out their casings, my plump arms had shriveled like overgrilled sausages. And Dumbo ears had sprouted out their backsides! Sagging skin flaps undulated and rippled where triceps used to be. It made me seasick to watch them in a mirror. My daughter laughed herself silly the first time I reached into the cupboard and my jumbo Dumbos whacked me upside the head. I could imagine my ER diagnosis: flab-induced concussion. (p. 29)

Does she not have a way with words?! Mrs. Coty kept me laughing throughout this book!

I loved her description of what happened to her on a long-overdue spiritual retreat that she took all by herself; I just love the descriptive language:

By the second day, my inner deep freeze began to thaw through the healing magic of solitude; my sluggish senses were awakened on long prayer walks: I marveled at every shade of green imaginable in the thick forests, sunbeams warmed my skin through leafy boughs, I tasted the tangy sweetness of blueberries and blackberries popped right from wild bushes into my mouth. A pony nuzzling my neck and the bass baa of a wooly ram at the farm across the creek made me smile. I drank in the scent of a bouquet of wildflowers picked from a sun-drenched meadow: cheerful daisies, purple asters, hearty yarrow, black-eyed Susans, delicate Queen Anne’s lace. (p. 70)

She ends the book with this prayer for her readers:

My prayer for you, dear sister, is that you will realize how enthralling your unique inner beauty truly is to the only One who counts: your Father, the King! Allow Him to transform that ugly inner beast into the beautiful princess you were meant to be! May your life be filled with joy, love, and fulfillment. (And barrels of Godiva!). (p. 215)

This book is hilarious! Prior to being contacted by Barbour Publishing to review thisbook, I was not familiar with Ms. Coty. Now I will be keeping an eye out for her titles! If you’re looking for a fun read or a gift for a favorite girlfriend, look no further! I am quite sure both of you will love it!

You can order this book here.

This book was published by Barbour Publishing and provided by them for review purposes. Thanks to Kelsey for this copy!

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Debora M. Coty said...

Thank you so much, Andrea, for the lovely review! I hope readers enjoy reading More Beauty, Less Beast, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm currently working on the third book in this women's key issue series (the first two were Too Blessed to be Stressed - about dealing with stress, and More Beauty, Less Beast, about inner and outer beauty). My new book about transforming fear will be out next Feb, and I'm running a contest to name that book. I'd like to invite readers to hop on over to my website and enter a title or two for a chance at great prizes.


Debora M. Coty

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