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Meet Jim Wysong, author of ‘The Neutering of the American Male: Unraveling the Human Experience’

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One of the most intriguing book titles I have ever heard is the one written by Jim Wysong – ‘The Neutering of the American Male’! The concept garners attention – and well it should!

Here is the synopsis of this book:

What Determines How You See Yourself? Whether you are a man or a woman, The Neutering of the American Male is a must read. Over the last hundred years many changes have taken place that have altered how men and women relate to each other. Those are often felt, but not seen clearly, or understood, which makes them difficult to remedy. As a result, confusion, frustration, and aggravation reign in the lives of many. And those raise questions that seem impossible to answer.

As a young man, Jim Wysong had questions that appeared to have no answers. For over thirty years he has been seeking the answers to those questions. Contained within these pages are insights into aspects of the human experience that are easily missed.

Men and women are complex beings. Jim addresses the key aspects that exist within both men and women and explains how those elements inter-relate and influence each other.

This book’s insights can assist you in understanding yourself and others in a way that you never thought possible. 

Here is the biography of this author (as shared on Jim’s website). It provides insight into the man and the motivation behind the book:

Jim Wysong is a husband, father, businessman, author, life coach, and speaker. Like many of us, growing up he had a lot of questions about life and why people do what they do. Rather than throwing up his hands and saying that's simply how it is, he kept searching for the motivating factors behind what people do. Without realizing it, he began a journey of over thirty years that has resulted in discoveries that have enabled people to make changes in their lives that previously they could only dream about.

Jim spent many years of his life in the building trades where it became evident that when one thing was changed, it could result in a multitude of other things being affected. Often some or all of the ripple effect changes that resulted were not visible on the surface but rather affected the unseen systems that were essential for things to work as they should. 

Over the years Jim realized that people were affected similarly. In life, one change often results in other unseen changes that, if not understood, can be quite confusing and painful. The Neutering of the American Male is a pioneering book in that it examines and explains how people are affected by internal elements that most people do not realize exist.

In his ground breaking book, Jim explains many of the overlapping aspects of men and women which have caused confusion and frustration for both sexes. In doing so, he brings aspects of life into clear focus, which until now have been difficult to grasp. In a step by step fashion, he shows how people operate on many different levels. Then he explains how each of these elements that exist in us, operate individually and in conjunction with each other. 

Imagine how challenging it would be if you were playing a game of chess but you had no idea that chess pieces moved differently than checker pieces. Life can be just like that. Often people are perplexed and confused because they do not understand how aspects of life interrelate to and affect each other. 

Jim enjoys writing and continues to work with individuals, couples and businesses to assist them in understanding and addressing the unseen elements that are at the root of many of the challenges they face. Once a person understands what is happening, it is only then that they are truly in a position to make real and lasting changes in their life. Unlike others who address only the symptoms that can be seen, Jim looks beyond the symptoms and guides people to the root of their challenge.

Here is the trailer on this intriguing book – with the even more intriguing title!:

You can order this book here.

This book was published by Jim Wysong, and was generously provided by the author. Thanks, Jim, for your kindness and patience!

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