Wednesday, May 25, 2011

39 Lines T-Shirt – Product Review and Information

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One of the neatest ministries I have come across since I have been blogging is the one started by Hunter Harrison called Mend Mark. Here is how the product is described on the website:

Our merchandise is based around the idea of being marked by love of Christ. Products are distinctively crafted to symbolize His sacrifice and the wounds that were instrumental in killing our King. Every scar tells a story, these scars happen to tell the greatest story of all time.

The first item he came up with was the Mend Mark bracelet, which is a reminder of Christ’s love and sacrifice for us. The bracelet has two circles which represent the scars Jesus endured on the cross; on one of the circle is printed the word ‘LOVE’ and on the other is printed “REMEMBER.’ I wear mine every day, and people notice it and ask what it’s about. I’m happy to share the story! I had the opportunity to share about the movement and the bracelet on my blog last year (you can read the post here).

Recently, Hunter designed a neat t-shirt that he calls 39Lines. The 39 lines on the back of the shirt represent the 39 lashes that Christ endured before His crucifixion.

Here is a very well-done video explaining the concept of the 39Lines t-shirt:

Harrison has put together a great Facebook page. I highly recommend you ‘like’ this page. There are always thought-provoking questions with lots of thoughtful answers. And Hunter periodically runs contests. He has given away a hoodie jacket with the Mend Mark. I really think he needs to produce that one (I’m a hoodie addict!)!

Hunter Harrison generously provided a 39 Lines t-shirt to me. I have only worn it a couple times, but, just like the Mend Mark bracelet, people want to know the story behind it. It is a comfortable shirt and generates a lot of interest and attention. The shirt comes with brown stripes; Harrison’s plan is to produce it in different colors. Younger people tend to be the market that embraces his products the most strongly. I’m am young at heart at this point, and I think all of the items, which always point you to Jesus, are terrific. I am not sure how old Harrison is, but I am guessing he’s a twenty/thirty-something. I really appreciate his passion for the love and for spreading the Good News, and I highly recommend these quality products to get the Word out!

The latest product in the Mend Mark line is the ‘Marked by Love’ t-shirt. Love the color! If you are looking for a unique gift for people of any age, please consider the Mend Mark product line!

You can order products here.

The 39Lines t-shirt was generously provided by Harrison Hunter for review purposes.

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