Monday, December 6, 2010

CSN Stores Websites - Perfect Way to Finish Up Your Christmas Shopping!

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How many of you are traveling for Christmas? Personally, Fred and I will be staying here in Michigan. It will be nice to have our first Christmas with Shelby and Sammy (who will turn 13 weeks tomorrow) - but always missing our beloved Toby, our precious 15 year old English Cocker Spaniel, who we lost on September 11. It sounds enticing to head down to Fred's parent's home (they live near Tampa, Florida); that will have to wait until next year...

If we are planning on heading out, I wouldn't hesitate to look for the luggage stores at the CSN Stores website. We do plan a trip to Nashville in the spring for our nephew Aaron's graduation, so we may take a peek over there soon to make sure we'd adequately luggaged up! I like the color of that roll-on!

Speaking of the CSN Stores, I have another opportunity to review one (or more!) of their products shortly. I may order those long-awaited cowgirl boots that I have been hoping for for the last several months (maybe I can find a pair in purple - I have been on a purple kick for a while!)! Please stay tuned!

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