Wednesday, September 29, 2010

‘A Friend in the Storm’ by Cheryl Ricker – Book Review

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I always love to come across a book that will be of help during the tough times in life. Such is the case with the first book from Cheryl Ricker, ‘A Friend in the Storm.’

Here is the synopsis of this lovely book:

This ninety-six page gift-book combines heartfelt poetry with powerful quotes and Scripture verses to speak to the heart and soul of anyone going through difficult times. The beautiful fabric binding with foil stamping makes this the perfect gift for anyone seeking comfort. 
Author Cheryl Ricker reaches into the depths of human suffering from the perspective of Christ speaking to the reader in soothing poetic words.

This elegant gift book will reach the heart and soul of anyone facing difficult circumstances, leading them through their suffering into the arms of a faithful loving God.

Each two-page spread includes a poem, as well as reflections written by Christian leaders, along with healing Scripture verses.

The book is described this way on the back cover:

          A healing treasury of quotes, Scripture and poetry that leads to lasting Hope.       

Here is the biography of the author:

Cheryl Ricker has a degree in creative writing and has written columns and articles for various magazines and newspapers. She's been writing poetry all her life and her poems have won awards in fine arts and literary magazines. Cheryl lives with her husband and two sons in Rochester, Minnesota.

And here is the book trailer:

Here’s a news story from Rochester, Minnesota, Cheryl's hometown, with the back story behind the book:

Here are a couple of samples from this precious publication:

Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow – it empties today of its strength. – Corrie Ten Boom (p. 16)

My dancing angels celebrate,
before My glowing face,
laughing freely, you’ve been rescued;
I secured your resting place.
It’s a lasting breeze of happiness;
You’re safe and sound with Me;
Friend, you’re all I’ve ever wanted;
I’m your lifetime Guarantee. (p. 83)

This is a beautiful little book. It is sized such that you can easily carry it in a purse or a car pocket for ready accessibility. It is cloth-covered with a foil-stamped cover, with a ribbon (such as you’d find in a Bible) for use as a page marker.

I am blessed to have Cheryl as a friend on Facebook and Twitter. As is the case with many of my ‘virtual friends,’ I hope we meet in person one day. We may have to wait until heaven, but I look forward to the day nonetheless!

I had the opportunity to give this lovely book to a good friend who was really being put through the fire. She was greatly blessed by it, and saw that God uses these times in our life to purify us and make us more like His Son.

I am thankful to Cheryl for providing this lovely resource, and would encourage anyone to pick up a copy for themselves or others in their lives.

You can order this book here.

This book was published by Zondervan Publishers and provided by them and LitFuse Publicity Group for publicity purposes. I am happy to be part of the blog tour with these other reviewers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Andrea!!

It was nice to see it on Amazon as well!



Andrea Schultz said...

Hi Cheryl -
You're welcome! Glad I finally have a review for you!
So happy for you!
Blessings -

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