Monday, August 9, 2010

Cooking Can Be Fun - Who Knew?!

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Fred and I have been married just over 5 years. As most people that know me know, I was never a cook - more of a can opener; thank God for the inventor of the microwave oven! Well - God blessed me with Fred, who LOVES to cook! We have enjoyed cooking together. One item that is really helpful in the kitchen is a Dutch Oven. We also use his (very old!) rice cooker so often that we will be ordering a new one soon from CSN Stores.  CSN Stores is an online group of stores that has all the merchandise you could ever need - in every imaginable category!

I expect to get the new rice cooker soon - and will very likely inaugurate it the day it arrives! Rice is a staple to Fred - he would eat it at every meal if he could! We buy 50 pound bags of jasmine rice on a regular basis!

I will also be reviewing the rice cooker - and hope you are encouraged to either eat more rice or do more cooking!  

I invite you to take a peek at the CSN Stores website - and tell me, for fun - what you would order from them if you could order anything. There is an impressive array!


Tracy Krauss said...

Hm ... Is not liking to cook a writer thing? I'm with you on that score.

Andrea Schultz said...

Tracy -

Good observation! Fred is not much of a writer (he has written some sweet words over time - don't get me wrong!), so there could be some truth to that one!

Here's to Campbell Soup Company! : )

Blessings -


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