Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FlipKlip and Wrist Roller – Product Reviews

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Being that I am doing a lot more book reading these days, and need to read at every opportunity, I turned to Google to look for a book holder-opener to use when I am on the treadmill (having misplaced the other doodad I was using).  The first product to pop up was the a cool little book holder called the FlipKlip.  The FlipKlip is manufactured by BlueZap in beautiful C’oeur d’Alene, Idaho.  The owner of the company is Bob Begin, also known as Mr. Wizard.

Please take a peek at the FlipKlip Movie:

The premise behind the FlipKlip is to keep a book open when you are engaged in activities where two hands are not necessarily available – such as knitting, typing, cooking and exercising.  Eureka - the treadmill - perfect!  After all - the marathon season is right around the corner!

Recommended places to use the FlipKlip (as cited on the BlueZap website) are:

• On your computer desktop

• Reading bed

• In the kitchen (perfect for holding open a cookbook)

• On the bus or train

• On the airplane tray table

• At Home

• At the Gym

• At School

• While Eating Lunch

I have been trying out the product for a couple weeks, and it has proven to be quite useful and durable. I am getting a lot more reading done, and it encourages me to get on the treadmill, where the tendency (or excuse?!) may be “I need to read; I can’t spare this hour on the treadmill.” The FlipKlip kills two birds with one stone! I have used other gadgets over the years, but the FlipKlip tops them all! 
I appreciate the fact that it’s a perfect size, and, when not in use, it can be clamped onto the book for safe and easy portability.  It comes in a variety of colors: Ortega Green, Deep Charcoal, Twilight Purple, Sunset Pink and Aruba Blue.  And, best of all, it is manufactured in the USA!

Another useful product developed and manufactured by Mr. Begin at BlueZap is the Wrist Roller Posture Enhancer.  Here is the description of this handy invention, as stated on the BlueZap website: “the WristRoller is a posture enhancing forearm support for tired mouse users.  It encourages good posture by helping you keep your wrist straight while using your mouse or 10-key.”  I have one of these items as well, and have found it to work as advertised!

The FlipKlip and the WristRoller were generously provided to me by Bob Begin at BlueZap for review purposes.


Diane said...

Great reviews. They sound great! :O)

Andrea Schultz said...

Hi Diane -

Thanks for the kind words!

Mr. Wizard - aka Bob Begin - has come up with some cool ideas! And they work!

I highly recommend them!

Blessings -


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