Thursday, December 3, 2009

Discovering/Rediscovering One's Passions

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I have been 'between jobs' now for a little over a month. I have taken that time to study (I am attending Michigan Theological Seminary - to be known as Moody Theological Seminary in January, thanks to a merger!) and to spend some time discovering - and, in some cases, rediscovering - my passions.

One of them is writing. That is one reason why I got started in the blogosphere. It is fun to share one's thoughts with the world, and to let the words flow!

Another thing I have done is spend more time on Twitter. It is fascinating to see the thoughts of others in a succinct form! It is a challenge to form a tweet in a way that is (hopefully!) interesting and enlightening to other! I think it is a wonderful tool. It does make me wonder if thinking in tweets will change a person's thought process!

I noticed this morning that last night, Matthew West, a singer, was nominated for his first Grammy award for his song, "The Motions." This song speaks to the mindset I have - that I don't want to go one more day doing what is not worthwhile and is not going to make a difference. I encourage you to take a listen to it if you have never heard it.

In addition to spending time in the social medias, I have also spent time praying that the Lord would guide and direct me to where He wants me to land next! He is sovereign, and I am leaning on faith rather than fear!

I think, over time (although not too much time, as bills wait for no one!), that the next position will be a great one - and God will get all the glory from me for walking ahead of me and making it happen!


CeeCee said...

I'll keep you in prayer about where He wants you to next. I'm praying the same for myself. Have a great day and stay warm. Brrr. I'm freezing in this storm.

Andrea said...

CeeCee -
Thanks for the prayers! I will do that same for you! Enjoy your blog!
Blessings - Andrea

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